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Source code for mmrazor.models.mutables.mutable_channel.units.sequential_mutable_channel_unit

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import random
from typing import Dict, Union

import torch.nn as nn
from mmcv.cnn.bricks import Conv2dAdaptivePadding
from mmengine import MMLogger
from mmengine.model.utils import _BatchNormXd
from mmengine.utils.dl_utils.parrots_wrapper import \
    SyncBatchNorm as EngineSyncBatchNorm

from mmrazor.models.architectures import dynamic_ops
from mmrazor.registry import MODELS
from ..mutable_channel_container import MutableChannelContainer
from ..sequential_mutable_channel import SquentialMutableChannel
from .mutable_channel_unit import MutableChannelUnit

# TODO change the name of SequentialMutableChannelUnit
[docs]@MODELS.register_module() class SequentialMutableChannelUnit(MutableChannelUnit): """SequentialMutableChannelUnit accepts a intger(number) or float(ratio) as the choice, which indicates how many of the channels are remained from left to right, like 11110000. Args: num_channels (int): number of channels. choice_mode (str): mode of choice, which is one of 'number' or 'ratio'. divisor (int): Used to make choice divisible. min_value (int): the minimal value used when make divisible. min_ratio (float): the minimal ratio used when make divisible. """ def __init__( self, num_channels: int, choice_mode='number', # args for make divisible divisor=1, min_value=1, min_ratio=0.9) -> None: super().__init__(num_channels) assert choice_mode in ['ratio', 'number'] self.choice_mode = choice_mode self.mutable_channel: SquentialMutableChannel = \ SquentialMutableChannel(num_channels, choice_mode=choice_mode) # for make_divisible self.divisor = divisor self.min_value = min_value self.min_ratio = min_ratio @classmethod def init_from_mutable_channel(cls, mutable_channel: SquentialMutableChannel): unit = cls(mutable_channel.num_channels, mutable_channel.choice_mode) unit.mutable_channel = mutable_channel return unit
[docs] def prepare_for_pruning(self, model: nn.Module): """Prepare for pruning, including register mutable channels.""" # register MutableMask self._replace_with_dynamic_ops( model, { Conv2dAdaptivePadding: dynamic_ops.DynamicConv2dAdaptivePadding, nn.Conv2d: dynamic_ops.DynamicConv2d, nn.BatchNorm2d: dynamic_ops.DynamicBatchNorm2d, nn.Linear: dynamic_ops.DynamicLinear, nn.SyncBatchNorm: dynamic_ops.DynamicSyncBatchNorm, EngineSyncBatchNorm: dynamic_ops.DynamicSyncBatchNorm, _BatchNormXd: dynamic_ops.DynamicBatchNormXd, }) self._register_channel_container(model, MutableChannelContainer) self._register_mutable_channel(self.mutable_channel)
# ~ @property def is_num_mode(self): return self.choice_mode == 'number'
[docs] def fix_chosen(self, choice=None): """fix chosen.""" super().fix_chosen(choice) self.mutable_channel.fix_chosen()
[docs] def config_template(self, with_init_args=False, with_channels=False) -> Dict: """Template of config.""" config = super().config_template(with_init_args, with_channels) if with_init_args: init_args: Dict = config['init_args'] init_args.update( dict( choice_mode=self.choice_mode, divisor=self.divisor, min_value=self.min_value, min_ratio=self.min_ratio)) return config
# choice @property def current_choice(self) -> Union[int, float]: """return current choice.""" return self.mutable_channel.current_choice @current_choice.setter def current_choice(self, choice: Union[int, float]): """set choice.""" choice_num_ = self._get_valid_int_choice(choice) self.mutable_channel.current_choice = choice_num_
[docs] def sample_choice(self) -> Union[int, float]: """Sample a choice in (0,1]""" num_choice = random.randint(1, self.num_channels) num_choice = self._make_divisible(num_choice) if self.is_num_mode: return num_choice else: return self._num2ratio(num_choice)
# private methods def _get_valid_int_choice(self, choice: Union[float, int]) -> int: choice_num = self._ratio2num(choice) choice_num_ = self._make_divisible(choice_num) if choice_num != choice_num_: self._make_divisible_info(choice, self.current_choice) return choice_num_ def _make_divisible(self, choice_int: int): """Make the choice divisible.""" from mmrazor.models.utils import make_divisible return make_divisible(choice_int, self.divisor, self.min_value, self.min_ratio) def _num2ratio(self, choice: Union[int, float]) -> float: """Convert the a number choice to a ratio choice.""" if isinstance(choice, float): return choice else: return choice / self.num_channels def _ratio2num(self, choice: Union[int, float]) -> int: """Convert the a ratio choice to a number choice.""" if isinstance(choice, int): return choice else: return max(1, int(self.num_channels * choice)) def _make_divisible_info(self, choice, new_choice): logger = MMLogger.get_current_instance() logger.info(f'The choice={choice}, which is set to {self.name}, ' f'is changed to {new_choice} for a divisible choice.')
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